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Competence in battery charging and conveying

Welcome to Sickert & Hafner, the system provider for battery charging technology and conveying systems

Sickert & Hafner is a globally leading provider of battery charging and material handling technologies. We ensure the charging of batteries, an external power supply and charge conservation in the automotive industry.

In 1998, Sickert & Hafner were the first to integrate battery chargers into material handling systems. As a result, the on-board charging of batteries was fully integrated into the automotive industry’s production process. Meanwhile, our systems are utilised by virtually all European car manufacturers.

Battery charging

Recharging of the vehicle battery

Battery charging systems ensure the charging and support of car batteries in automotive production. Furthermore, they supply external power to the on-board electrical system. Their areas of …

Conveying systems

Technology that convinces

Our conveying system SH-120 was developed as a flexible component system and can therefore be widely used within the area of special material handling technology. This aluminium rail system …


NEW: Fluid Technology

For the production of plastic power systems we manufacture tools for thermofixing. We master all necessary manufacturing processes in-house. This ensures highest production…

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